Malaysia Bersih, Rakyat Pun Sihat!


In recent years, Penang’s George Town has seen a rise in pockets of green areas in the city as well as its surrounding suburbs, resulting in public spaces where the old and young can gather for play and recreation. While enjoy these amenities, let’s not forget that there’s a team of people working behind the scenes to keep them clean and well maintained.

I had the privilege of meeting with two of them, Redzuan (pictured, right) and Amirul (pictured, left), who work as Pembantu Awam with the Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP). They started work on the same day, four and a half years ago, and work together around the vicinity of Persiaran Karpal Singh (Karpal Singh Drive). Their working hours are from 6.30am until late afternoon.


Their job involves keeping the roads and pubic areas spick and span by getting rubbish out of the way. They thus ‘see’ more garbage than the average person and have observed that the public are generally divided into two groups: One picks up rubbish that they see, while the other create them by throwing things everywhere!

So what is it that keep them going? A passion for seeing our public spaces kept nice and clean. And do they have any message for their fellow Malaysians?

“Malaysia bersih, rakyat pun sihat!”

“Bersatu dan membangun negara bersama-sama!”

To Redzuan and Amirul, we want to say that you play an important role in our nation building. Thank you for making Malaysia a cleaner and healthier place for all! – BY JENNY LIEW