Top Of The World

Standing proudly at 452 metres tall and towering above all other buildings that define the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the iconic Petronas Twin Towers is still one of the city’s – and indeed, the country’s – most beloved landmarks. Tourists flock there to get their souvenir shots while locals pursue their favourite lifestyle activities at the adjoining Suria KLCC shopping mall and stay active while enjoying the serene landscape of its public park.


Everyone knows and loves KLCC, as the entire complex is known to locals, but do you know what or who keeps the towers running and safe from harm around the clock? Spectrum Paradigm, is an engineering company known to be a sub construction company that provides services such as card access system, security cameras, and fire alarm system for the towers. Their main focus is the fire alarm system that’s in place to not only guard against fire breach but also to maintain security at the famous twins.


According to Dinesh Nyanchandrem, a project coordinator at Spectrum Paradigm, the team works odd hours. His job, he says, “starts at 6pm and ends around 3am. I don’t have a fixed schedule since I managed a lot of things.” Besides everyday operations and maintenance routines, they also troubleshoot a variety of problems, including helping shoppers and tourists who come into difficulties while visiting KLCC.

Dinesh gives an example. “A visitor to KLCC once got stuck at the emergency stairs, and we had to get him out of there. It’s not a regular part of our work but we do encounter such things from time to time.”

It’s certainly no walk in the park for Dinesh and his team, but the job comes with its perks. “I get to be at the very top of KLCC, at level 87… There, I get to feast on views of the city that most people would never get to see in a lifetime.” Now that is an experience that is difficult to top. – BY HAFIZ NORIZAN