What drives you?

Mohammad Azuan Kamul Ruzaman, 24, is a bus driver with RapidKL and has been on the job for just over a year. He starts work at 4am, reporting to the bus depot where he has to first check that the vehicle is in good condition before setting out on his designated route. His shift lasts for 15-16 hours, and he gets one or two days off per week, depending on the roster. If you think that his job is easy, put yourself in his seat and be honest now – can you drive a huge vehicle around for that duration six days a week, and put up with traffic at all hours?


Azuan only gets to spend time with his family upon reaching home around 10pm each night but he doesn’t complain. Instead, he happily ferries people around with a friendly smile on his face. The same, unfortunately, can’t be said of his passengers, who are from all walks of life – workers heading to their offices, students going to school, aunties making their way to the markets… Some, he says, don’t bother to greet the driver or offer a smile. Instead, he’s had people displaying sour faces or venting out in anger. He admits that incidents like that deflate his energy.

So what’s the one thing about his job that he would like the public to know? Azuan says that it is the passengers’ smiles that help him stay motivated throughout his long hours behind the wheel.

And just like that, he reminded me that we never know what that simple curve of our mouths can do for others – it could be the sunshine that lights up someone’s day. – BY BELINDA SOH